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Monday, 5 November 2012

Quinoa Various Sushi without a sushi mat

Quinoa Sushi with prawns and mackerel 
Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Rice Free, Refined Sugar Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Soya Free. Endometriosis, Crohns & Celiac Safe.

(These depend on what ingredients you personally like, what we did was prepare a variety and select what we wanted to eat)
The selection was:
1 courgette 
1 carrot
2 fillets of smoked mackerel 
a packet of cooked prawns 
sushi nori (the most important bit)
a packet of asparagus
around 6oz quinoa 
3-4 Tsp cyder vinegar 

First of all shred your carrot, asparagus stalks, courgette and avocados into squares and strips.

The raw asparagus is an acquired taste so have a nibble and see if you like it, if not i suppose you could always cut it into strips and then boil it for a few minutes to make it tender.

The raw carrots make the sushi crunchy, my boyfriend wasn't too keen but i didn't mind them they added a different texture.

Next our prawns were a little on the cold nearly frozen side so we just cooked them through with a little pure spread then left them to cool down.

 Cook your quinoa like usual with twice the amount of water than the amount of quinoa you have and let the water get soaked up by the quinoa.

Add your cyder vinegar or rice vinegar if you prefer, mix it in and leave the quinoa to cool down on the side.

The vinegar will help with the stickyness of the quinoa and help keep everything together whilst you are rolling your sushi.
Flake your mackerel and discard any bones.

bowl up your different ingredients so that they are ready for the making of the sushi!!

DO NOT start rolling your sushi until your quinoa is fully cooled and cold.
 First of all i must admit we had a couple of goes before perfecting the art.

so lay your nori sheet shiny side down.

there are lines on your nori sheet so leave the first 1.5 lines free of quinoa, this will help with the rolling.

layer the quinoa on first leaving the 1.5 lines either side. then layer your chosen ingredients in the middle of the quinoa.

Having the ingredients in the middle will hopefully guarantee that they will be in the middle of your sushi roll.

Pick up the nori closest to you and carefully push your chosen ingredients into the quinoa pushing towards you and slowly rolling as you go.

Once you have managed to essentially roll the quinoa around your ingredients.

Tuck the stray quinoa that you can see in photo back into your roll.

making sure you are squeezing the quinoa into the roll shape.
 Carefully peel back the nori sheet.
 To reveal a rolled quinoa roll with the ingredients in the middle.
 Turn your plate around so that the roll is in front of you.

 pick up the nori sheet in front of you and start rolling the nori sheet away from you and tucking and squishing as you roll.
 pull the nori sheet taught and with the end strip of nori dip your finger into some water and apply it along the strip making sure it is damp so the sticky gum will stick to the other side.

Finally roll the sticky damp strip to the other side of the nori roll and smooth down, if it doesnt stick add a bit more water.
 To make sure you get a clean cut sushi by placing the fold lip of nori sheet towards you and with a sharp knife place the blade on the sushi roll and drag the knife towards you.

Don't hack the roll like you would saw wood, it will just fall apart.

be gentle, place the blade, drag forward, pick up the blade and repeat, and that way you will get a cleaner cut.

If you find your filling is falling out use the side of the blade to pat the filling back into the roll.

Here is the finished article they were delicious and tasted like sushi.
I think next time we will try salmon wrapped sushi and nori inside sesame outside sushi 
can't wait.
If you try it email me your results and let me know how it went.

x x x 

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