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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stress Relieving White Chocolate

"Tastes just like dairy white chocolate"
Vegan, Gluten free, Wheat free, Soya free, Rice free, Refined Sugar Free.
 Crohns, Celiac & Endometriosis Disease Safe.

3.5oz 100% raw cocoa butter
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
2oz unrefined icing sugar
2 heaped tsp almond flour
a couple pinches of salt
squirt agave nectar

Break off your 3.5oz of raw cocoa butter from your block, you can either saw it off with a knife or you can put your block into a freezer bag and take all your stress and anger out on in and smack it as hard as you can until you have enough pieces for 3oz.

On a low heat melt your cocoa butter you dont want it sizzling.

Let the oil cool for a little bit but not totally or the butter will solidify again.

measure out all your other ingredients and mix them together, then add the mixture to the oil mix it around a little then just let it rest in the pan to cool.

After 20 minutes stir the mixture.Then leave it again for a further 15 minutes and it should look like this thick white chocolate paste. i have a cold kitchen so you may have to wait longer for yours to set.

Mix it all together again.

When you have the paste and its all mixed in, turn the heat on low and your paste should turn into a combines mixture of your butter and your other ingredients.

Take a tray and a piece of baking paper to cover the tray and pour your liquid chocolate over the paper.

If you want to make the chocolate into shapes you can add the chocolate to molds instead of onto a tray.

The chocolate wont take long to solidify in the fridge just around 30 minutes to 1 hour and your chocolate should be done.

But the longer you leave it the more snap it will have to it.

And there you have your white chocolate.

Keep your chocolate in the fridge to keep it at its best.
Then pop the chocolate out of their molds or break it up and pot it and serve it like that.
It can even be shaved and used as a topping.
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