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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Roast Garlic Chicken Sunday Dinner

 Roast Chicken Sunday Dinner 
Gluten free, Wheat free, soya free, egg free, Crohns, Coeliac & Endometriosis safe 

3 Garlic cloves 
2 tsp garlic italian
 1 tsp parsley 
2 tbls pure spread 
1 chicken
 1/2 red cabbage
 frozen peas & sweetcorn
 6 carrots
12 small potatoes
 2 red onions 
1 tbls extra virgin olive oil

First chop your garlic into little chunks add the herbs and mix a little.

add the pure to the garlic and herb mix and stir it all in together so everything is combined.

Pop your chicken into a roasting dish, it can just be prepared in the tin.

Now make a little slit at the top of the breast and slide your hand inside to break the skin away from the breast meat as far as you can reach down the chicken breast.

Do this to both sides of the chicken.
The skin is pretty tough so you dont have to be too careful when doing this.

Stab the breast a few times on each side so when the chicken cooks the juices go into the chicken as well as on the outside.

Get a ball of the garlic butter mix and get right into the breasts push the mixture into the cuts in the breast you made previously.

stuff until the chicken breast is covered by the garlic butter.

To keep the majority of the mixture on the chicken breast, pick the skin up and skewer it in place overlap the skins for a better seal.

Now you can put in into the over at gas mark 6 for half an hour. Then turn the heat down to gas mark 5 for 1 hour.

Peel your spuds and wash the excess starch off them just by rinsing them, then cover them with water on a medium heat for approx 20 mins.

Put the carrots on at the same time as you put your potatoes onto cook.

Peel the carrots and slice them and like the spuds cover them with water and leave on a medium heat for approx 20 mins.

stick a knife into a potato to see if they are just about to turn soft, turn off the heat, drain them and leave them to steam whilst you drain your carrots.

Chop the red onions up into slices.

Slice up your red cabbage to which ever thickness you would want them,  pop them into a pan of water just enough to cover them.

Your chicken should be on its last 15 mins when you put the tray of roast into the oven.

When your chicken is looking nice and golden stick a knife into its leg and if the juices run clear the chicken is ready to come out.

when you have taken your chicken out, drain the excess juices out of the pan and transfer to a plate to rest, put a cape of tin foil over it to keep it warm.

drizzle your extra virgin olive oil onto the pan and put it in the oven to heat up for a couple of minutes.

throw your half of your potatoes ( the other half leave in the pot with the lid on to use for mash later), carrots and red onions in the tray mix them around to cover them in the oil and put them back into the oven.

Once the chicken is out resting you can put the heat up to gas mark 9 for a further 15-20 mins.

When your roasts go in its time for your red cabbage to go on a medium heat.

Once you have put the heat up on the roast veg you can cover your frozen sweetcorn and peas with water and put them on a medium heat to cook, once your roasts are done your frozen veg will be too.

for the last 5 mins when everything is cooking mash the potatoes you have in the pot waiting, they will probably be luke-warm now so once you have mashed the spuds and put a knob of pure in a mixed it all up and have a creamy texture, you can put the pan back on the heat and stir, until the mash is pipping hot.

It should all be done at the same time, Serve and enjoy.
(you can make a lovely vegetable stock gravy with vegan 'the purple tub' Bouillon veg stock, just put 2 tsp stock in just over a half a liter of water and boil down if it doesnt thicken add a little of the stock to 2 tsp arrowroot and mix it together before adding it to your gravy, if you add it straight to your pot you will get lumps of arrowroot floating in your gravy, not a good look. Then your done...
Sunday Lunch is Served...


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