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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Going Out in the Snow getting chilblains But Who Cares?!


I LOVE Snow! We had it for a while and i really loved it, I managed to get out in it properly once 
Which was upsetting only once!, but at least I managed it!
It was such a gorgeous day too and I thought i would share my adventure with you all.

First of all we went to our favorite place The Mill to have a lovely meal
This was scrumptious: mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes, apples, carrots, cucumber and celery (not a big fan of celery so it went to celery lover mum), a slightly picked cabbage with pine nuts, pot of black olives, a pot of lovely relish (ill get to that in a minute, and a big piece of mackerel, oh and a freshly squeezed apple juice!

Whilst we were waiting i drew a heart in my dads coffee and thought it was cute.
USK RIVER Relishious!
It honestly is sooo yummy!!
I had to buy a jar for £4 its worth it and goes with lots of food!
Ingredients: Red Pepper, Chilli, Garlic, Onion Seeds its adictive!
It is sweet and hot and there are a lot of flavours!
The website is: http://www.uskriver.co.uk/index.asp 

After lunch we went for a look around the countryside and saw some amazing views Its stunning how the snow just blankets everything and makes the landscape so sleepy and peacefull.

My foot got lost in the snow. (probably how i got my chilblains Oops!)

We found this little cheeky chappy along the way, We didn't have any food for him sadly but 
that didn't stop him from trying to chomp my hand off. Wish i could have taken him 
Home with me.

I'm a lover of trailing off pathways and the mystery of where they lead. 

We met a Jolly Sheppard/farmer along the way and his over-excited sheep trying to munch everything in sight.

And to end a lovely photo of the valley covered in a blanket of very cold snow.

Hope you have enjoyed my adventure. 
Did you get to go anywhere exciting in the snow?

x x x