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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Two Nut Free Caramels, Original & Chocolate

Two Nut-Free Caramels
Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free, Soya Free, Rice Free, Refined Sugar Free, Yeast Free - Crohns, Coeliac & Endometriosis Safe

This recipe is for an Endo-sister that has a nut allergy, I was asked if there was a way that i could make a nut-free version of my Caramels so i accepted the challenge and came up with these, They have a different flavour and when they come out of the freezer are more like toffee, I dropped one to see and it smashed just like toffee! when it starts to defrost it does get softer. Thank You for requesting this and hopefully you will love these, sorry my recipes aren't really nut allergy friendly.

2.5oz Any Seed Butter Here for homemade recipe (do not use sunflower seeds)
4 Tbls Agave Nectar
5 Heaped Tbls Unrefined Light Brown Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla Paste
2 Tbls Pure Spread

3 Heaped Tbls Carob Powder

First if you are making homemade seed butter make that before starting this recipe.

Add all of your ingredients to your blender.

 Do not add the carob if you wish to have Original Caramel.

Blend until all your ingredients have turned into a smooth mixture.

Scoop out your caramel mixture and put it into a pan  on a low-medium heat.

Keep stirring the caramel until it is sticky and pulling together nicely.

It should be a thick caramel but not burnt or hard.

Place your caramel mixture onto a piece of baking paper and form into your desired shape, watch you don't burn your fingers whilst doing this.

Wrap it up and pop it in the freezer.

After about 25 minutes your caramel will be hard and ready for munching.

Chocolate Caramels

Follow the above recipe but add the carob powder also to your blender and blend it altogether.

Add your mixture to a pan like above on a low-medium heat and keep stirring.

Your mixture will melt and then thicken up again due to the pure and sugar.

When you have the sticky texture it is ready.

Pop your caramel onto a piece of baking paper and form into your desired shape.

As you can see it is sticky and stretchy just like caramel.

Wrap your caramel up and stick it in to the freezer.

Leave it in the freezer for 25 minutes and it will be hard.

If not leave it in the freezer for a little longer.

There you have it your nut-free version of the soft caramel chews in two lovely flavours.

Hope you enjoy them
x x x

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