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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Groovy Food Agave Nectar = Endometriosis Safe

The Groovy Food Company 

I have emailed the company asking about their products and if they are unrefined
to clear up the confusion that everyone has about them (even i was starting to have second thoughts) well here is the email proving that they are Endometriosis Safe/Refined Safe with being Unrefined.

Dear Welsh Lady

Many thanks for your email and your interest in our products and please
accept our apologies for the delay in responding to you.

Our Agave nectar is unrefined. Our Agave Nectar is the product of the
organically grown Blue Webber Agave Plant in Mexico. After harvesting, the
large pineapple shaped core of the plant, known as the pinas, is crushed and
milled. All raw juices are collected. The juice then undergoes a process of
filtering to various levels to produce the Rich agave and the Mild. The
filtered product then undergoes hydrolysis, gently heating the juice to a
maximum of 161 degrees. This filtered juice is then concentrated to a syrupy
liquid. At no stage in this process do we use chemicals or chemical enzymes
to extract the juice.

We hope this answers your question but if you have any further queries
please do come back to us.

Fath o ran 


On behalf of The Groovy Team :-) 

So carry on using The Groovy Food Company Girls & boys 
x x x 

1 comment:

  1. Funnily enough I was just reading today that it was refined and should be avoided! Thanks for getting clarity on this :-) x