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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Illness Art... Before Endometriosis

 Before I was Diagnosed
These are a few pieces of my work before i was diagnosed with endometriosis and before i could actually try and help myself. So i was in pain nearly 24/7, i was being sick after everything i ate, i had a very over-active bladder which ment going out was very hard unless i knew where the next toilet was and dia happened randomly, this resulted in becoming less social and social events i wanted to go to i turned into a nervous wreck. I was getting worse and worse and had no idea what was happening. (I think its easy to tell that it came through in my art) some are digital some are drawings and some are paintings x 

These next few painting are from when i was very bad as you can probably tell.

'Dazed & Wasting Away'
All my paintings are covered in plastic wrap to protect them so please forgive the sheen.

 'Now you see me...'
I could not get a good focus on this one, but you can see whats going on.

'My insides are rotting'

The sketch before the above painting

I Love doing these so therapeutic.

'Away, Lost'

Close up

Tiny squiggles makes up this one

This took me quite a while to do

'My illness confession'

This is why it took me so long...

'When you come to the end of your rope tie a knot in the end and hang on!'


When you feel like everything is further away from you than it actually is.

These are part of my book 
'Not everything is as real as it seems'
Peace at least? 
'Struggling to eat'

'my illness confession' & 'Away Lost'
'Health is not valued until sickness comes'
'Fighting against myself'
'floating is one of my many talents'
'Too many emotions'
'Sometimes I feel like crying, sometimes i feel pain, sometimes i live in my own world and live with the thoughts in my head'

 Just a little doodle sketch of what i thought might be happening inside me.

 I wanted to end on two more happier drawings.

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