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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Food Haul!! now i can make lots more recipes....

Food Glorious Food 
Came in the post Yesterday 

I was so excited when i finally found products that were alternatives for foods that i couldn't eat before.
I scaled the internet for AGES because they weren't in my local markets, Asian shops or Big chain supermarkets!, I came across many sites that were selling various products BUT either at extortionate prices or extortionate postage and packaging! So after more searching i found 3 places that i ordered from 
which i thought were reasonable and boy did they come quickly! ordered friday came tuesday!
That was for the two companies anyway the 3rd got in touch to say that they are out of stock and that they will be getting more next week booo! I think i have enough food for just a few new recipes till they get here. 
I first noticed Soba Noodles at Waitrose they were called Clearspring soba buckwheat noodles wheat-free! (Right) I grabbed the packet straight to the ingredients and to my disappointment may contain gluten and soy/soya beans! Also they were £4.85!!

I left those and thought "to the internet!" like usual, I found Sanchi 100% buckwheat noodles (Above) they said free from wheat but nothing about gluten so i left those too and they were £3.89, £1 cheaper at least i was getting closer!

King Soba 100% buckwheat, wheat & gluten free noodles
Then I found these!! (left) The brand is 'King Soba' and they say on the front clearly wheat & gluten free 100% buckwheat noodles! i was an understatement over the moon, and then scolled though lots of rice noodles too so they have a wide variety for you lot that can eat rice, then i found sweet potato and buckwheat too! woop woop!. I haven't tried them yet but they are here.

They were £1.89 each!! £2 cheaper than the others, its usually the other way around. the postage and packaging was £3.70, I bought 3 packets so it was £9.37 which is still expensive taking them to around £3.13 each but still cheaper than the other packs i found. For the varieties of noodles click on the names Sweet potato & Buckwheat Noodles & 100% Buckwheat Noodles The store is www.NaturallyGoodFood.co.uk They have a fanastic range of products and they have Cacao Nibs!! which is next on my list to buy! Have a look and see what you can find.

 Next I have been looking for Natural Yeast Flakes.

They have two: this one and one with added B12, this one is naturally high in Vitamin B and low in fat and sodium and was cheaper, so thought i'd try it but went a bit mad and bought 3 before trying I hope its good now.

The taste is a strange sensation (since the look reminds me of fish food) of nutty, cheesy and another note that i cannot put my finger on.

The Yeast is a Dried Inactive Yeast and because it has  cheesy notes i can make cheesy food!! woohooo! So Happy! I have missed my dairy foods. Lets hope its as good or better than the real thing?!

I bought these for £8.55 but i did buy three one would have cost £2.85 which is about the normal price then with the £4.99 postage and packaging too....Wish they did it at waitrose! they sell it on Ocado humpf.

I bought the natural yeast these at Buy Whole Foods Online  and the delivery was super quick too i was impressed.

I also ordered from whole foods online Carob powder!when i was told to try carob powder i had to look for it straight away and try it.

It is a big bag at 1kg for £4.59 and thought id better get two so my bill with postage came to £22.72.
I really hope it tastes like chocolate or close to it so i can make chocolate brownies, cakes...everything!

As you can see from the photos i also bought KTC coconut oil from Wally's Delicatessen in Cardiff - £1.59 -KTC is not organic or cold-pressed do not buy.
East End Nutmeg Whole from the local shop in Bradford for £1.53 (I miss being there just for the cheap asian food in bulk)
Also a new (for me) type of Groovy Food Agave Nectar it Says Dark and Rich from Waitrose - £2.43
The other Groovy Food Agave Nectar that you seen in the photo is Mild and Light i bought at Wally's Cardiff but when i found the dark one i noticed that waitrose also sell the mild one too.

I get so excited about the littlest things but i love it because it brings me happiness all the time 
Have you bought any new or exotic food recently? let me know 

x x x 


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