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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Home Made Ravioli Pasta

Vegan Homemade Ravioli Pasta
Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Rice Free, Soya Free, Refined Sugar Free.
Endometriosis, Crohns & Coeliac Safe.

1/2 leek
1 Small Pepper
1/2 Red Onion
1 Clove of Garlic 
1 Tsp Mixed Herbs
1 Tbls of Olive Oil 
2 Heaped Tbls Faux Mayonnaise
1 Handful of Kale 
Spinkle of arrowroot powder

First of all chop the onion, pepper, leek and garlic.

Heat the Olive Oil in a pan, add the leek, garlic and onions.

When they have cooked, leave them to cool whilst you make you Faux mayonnaise and pasta dough.

Add the mixed herbs, cold leeks, garlic, onion and pepper to your mayo and blitz in the blender/vitamix.

Now add your kale and blend again.

 When your mixture looks like this then your filling is done.

If you filling it too runny then add some more kale and mayo until your mixture is thick.

Lay a piece of baking sheet onto your surface.

Sprinkle your arrowroot powder straight onto your baking sheet and onto your rolling pin.
 If you have a pasta rolling machine then use that for this stage.

And also if you have a ravioli maker use that for this too.

If you haven't like me then roll your pasta sheet as thin as you can get it without breaking.

Then cut the pasta up into equal squares.
Do not over fill your ravioli  as it will just pop open and spill out when you boil it.

scoop your mixture onto your pasta sheet.

Fill a cup with some water and dip your finger (or use a pastry brush) into the water and wet each side of your pastry squares, both the filling side and the empty side.

 lift the empty side on top of the filling and press the side down into each other, dont worry if you have a little over flow of the filling.

once you have squished each side down into each other then put a pan full of water on the stove to heat and boil.

 Once the water it boiling throw your ravioli into the water.

Wait around 5-10 minutes depending how big you have made your ravioli.

When you pasta has cooked rinse them with hot water to get the excess arrowroot off.
Then serve with a sprinkle of mixed herbs.
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  1. This looks really yummy and i look forward to trying it.