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Monday, 9 July 2012



"Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

    I bought the Shaun T Insanity workout about 2 months ago and basically put it on to see what it was like then just thought about it and put it off.
    With not being well most days and feeling quite sick today, today maybe wasn't the best time to be starting the programme!!
    But i thought maybe i will feel better after doing some REAL exercise! I didn't anticipate how hard this workout really is! But i want to get Fit....toned and physically fit and see if it helps with my day to day feelings of sluggishness, pain and sickness.
    I exercise, but in the form of walking but i do not think this is enough.
    Most people that do this workout buy the Shakeology nutrition aswell but i didn't as I am on a strict diet as it is because of not eating wheat, dairy, gluten, red meats, soya, rice, carbonated drinks and alcohol  it really doesn't agree with my body. So i think i will just eat the same as i am and carry on with the programme, I think i have a little too much junk food in my diet which consists of free from gluten, wheat and dairy orange and vanilla cake, biscuits, nuts and chunky chips (UK) they aren't great for the pain, like everyone else I have my comfort foods.
    So before i started i felt a little sick and i had done for the past 3 days but thats just how it is.
Take this into account if you are comparing results as I am sure you will all manage better than me on your first attempts.

Ok so here it goes..........


Switch Kicks: - 99
                           - 2 Min Rest

Power Squats: - 50
                           - 5 Min Rest - Throat started hurting (need to sort my breathing out)

Power Knees: - 91
                           - 3 Min Rest - I was sick & Shakey (So unfit!!)

Power Jumps: -25
                           - 5 Mins Rest - Shakey & Out of breath 

Around The world: - 10
                           - 2 Mins Rest - Very Shakey - but felt easier

Suicide Jumps: - 6
                           - 2 Mins Rest - Hard!!!! - Out of breath but I felt ok 

Push-Up Jacks: - 9 
                           - I was sick, Dizzy and sat down for ages 

    So annoyed that i didn't finish and there was only 1 more to go!!!
    I couldn't carry on and pushed myself to my limit, I felt awful for around 20 Mins then had a shower (maybe not the best when you feel dizzy aswel) after that had a lay down and started to feel really good I don't feel as sick, I have a little headache but i think that is to do with being sick and dehydration.
    All in all it is a hard workout especially if you are like me and you haven't done much exercise for a long time. But it is worth it....I am going to keep pushing myself and hopefully it will become easier with time!

 59 Days to go....
DAY 2 TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
Lets see if that bodes well

 DAY: 1
no breathing in

If you want to have a go at this insane workout 
Click on the link below:
 or you can search youtube and follow other people doing the workout
just seach insanity day 1


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