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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Eating out is possible!!

It's just finding the right places

Yesterday I went to this gorgeous granary mill to have my lunch before venturing to shop!
Anyway i wanted to tell you about it because it was gorgeous and i could eat Everything on the plate well bar the bread, it was smoked salmon, mackerel as salad leaves, tomatoes an amazing tomato relish, cabbage salad and a pot of cucumber and onion pickle. 
I had given up on the whole eating out buisness unless its al fresco and i can take my own food, But this was lovely.

take a look for yourselves...I may make it myself.
The relish i am going to try and recreate to have on my pasta! it was gorgeous!

My gorgeous simple salad

The relish was THAT good, I asked for more, flaked my mackerel and mixed the whole pot into it. 
 I haven't found many places that i can eat in without just eating vegetables and everything else is 
marinated in something i cant eat

I hope you having a pain reduced weekend


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