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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Motivation With Aly at Kickinglife.wordpress.com

Inspirational & Motivational
 Aly's Fitness: Endo-Sisters Story


I came across Aly's blog when i was in search of motivation after my Cystoscopy, Everyone needs a bit of a pick-me-up after a surgery or when they are in pain, and help sites and forums were just not doing it for me,
I needed uplifting talk something to get me out of the slump i was in...

Well this is where Aly's Fitness Endo Story came in. Like most of us Aly had been suffering for quite some time before she was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis, But she hasn't let Endometriosis get the better of her, she is a fighter! Aly sucks in the good positive energy rather than the bad. She is a focused determined woman. 
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Aly talks about empowerment and how we should be encouraging each other, I love her idea about starting a power group that will talk about each others achievements whilst having the disease and motivate other women to go and get their dream and to inspire each other rather than getting more and more depressed with what has unfortunately been dealt to us. Aly has gone through and still goes through pain like the rest of us But she focuses on being happy and everything that motivates her instead of the bad.

She also talks about what vitamins work for her, they include: Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Flax Oil and Ginseng.
 These are all great for endometriosis! 

Women with Endometriosis should add Vitamin B Complex included into their diets because we produce too much oestrogen so with taking Vitamin B Complex this helps turn oestrogen into a less harmful form, it also helps with the production of good prostaglandins and helps with pain during the time of the month. 
Vitamin D is also good for lessening the effects of pain when periods hit us, and also for various painful diseases like endometriosis. It also (as everyone will probably know from the adverts) helps calcium absorb into the body for healthy bones.  

Most importantly Aly talks about EXERCISE, Which i think is extremely important to talk about and get involved with and this lady has done so very well.
 It is important for an endometriosis sufferer to embrace exercise when ever she can as it stretches parts that can cause us pain, so by stretching we can relieve the pain and make it easier along the way and with a good diet you could make your pain minimal or even stop it, you do not have to do everything at once, or an hour long workout, just little bits everyday will build up strength to make it easier to do more with less pain. 

This lady has some powerful words and is an inspiration for all of us
Check out her blog and Her story

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