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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cystoscopy & Hydro Distention - My Experience

Cystoscopy & Hydro Distention

Cystoscopy:A cystoscopy is a medical procedure used to examine the inside of the bladder.
It's carried out using a cystoscope, a thin, fibreoptic tube that has a light and a camera at one end.
The cystoscope is inserted into the urethra and is moved up into the bladder (the urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder, out of the body). The camera relays images to a screen where they can be seen by the urologist (specialist in treating bladder conditions).
Most cystoscopies are performed as outpatient procedures, so you'll be able to go home on the same day.
Hydro Distention: Hydrodistention literally means to distend the bladder with water. Water (saline or a glycine solution may also be used) is instilled into the bladder to a relatively high pressure (80-100 cm H20). When the water is released from the bladder

                                           My Experience

When I had my date for my op i was pleased and also nervous, as anyone would be with anything that is going to be put inside you when your asleep or awake!...anyway i was happy that something might be done or found that they could fix or just tell me what was going on.

7.38 we arrived at the urology outpatients and their were already two other ladies waiting, it was only a short wait before i was called in and seated by a bed in the after Op recovery, recovery room. Then a nurse took my sample to test and placed my hospital & allergy bands around my wrists. 
At around 8.30 i was seen by a very pleasant anaesthetist which went through everything with me, I asked for her not to use any sort of morphine derivatives on me ( as anyone knows from my endometriosis experience it didn't go very well) but she confirmed and said i wouldn't need it anyway even if i'd wanted it.
Soon after the Dr came to see me, he was also lovely and made me feel at ease and calm about the whole process, I signed a few forms and was told i was second in line to go in.
In the mean time i read a magazine and the atmosphere was very peaceful, a couple of ladies were told they couldn't have theirs done because of infections and other problems. (which apparently some Drs will still go ahead and do the op even with infections but my Dr was strict due to the increase of risks during the operation and in rare cases septicemia)  
At approximately 9.25 i was told to get changed into my hospital gown, then i walked to the waiting area and climbed onto the trolley bed before getting driven into the anaesthetists room. 
Whilst in the anaesthetist's room they made me feel comfortable, put an IV in my arm, surprisingly quickly compared to normal and sent me to sleep.

All of the above is my step to step guide to a normal before operation experience for anyone awaiting either or both of these operations or really quite a few operations really. 

I was told (the day after) that my operation went well and they found Nothing! only a little red patch which was normal. But shortly after the operation the Dr told my parents that I had had a full blown massive fitting seizure right in front of the whole team and the Dr, this went on for a straight 10 minutes before they decided that it wasn't going to calm down and put me to sleep again and shoved a tube back down my neck to help me breath and to prevent me doing any harm or any more harm to myself. 
They rushed me down to have a CT (a nurse told me after I'd had a CT and a brain activity measurement done) whilst waiting for the results they had me hooked up to a heart monitor, breathing apparatus and a ventilator, saline solution and a constant blood pressure monitor. 
I was having fitting seizures for around 10 hours on and off with 5-15 minutes intervals. 
Every time i had a fitting seizure the nurse would record everything also checking my eyes but there was no activity she was trying to find a link or a pattern but said there didn't seem to be any at all, my parents said that she was excellent and didn't want to leave my side at anytime.
They told me I had swarms of nurses around me at one point and Drs the next, The Drs were apparently very pleasant and introducing themselves before swiftly jabbing me very hard in the chest to try and awake me from my unconscious state, they scrapped the bottom of my feet hard and also flopped various body parts to see if this would help but nothing did.
The results came back and my parents were told that my  brain was not reacting to my fitting seizures which was a good sign as that meant that i didn't have epilepsy, But the Drs were stuck on what was causing these episodes. 
They quizzed the anaesthetist and my parents about how emotional i was before the operation and what i was like everyday and if i was happy!?!. This to mean seams like they were running out of ideas!, The anaesthetist said i was ok but very anxious about giving her giving me morphine, It couldn't be the anaesthetic as i'd been given the same one for the last four operations. 
and my parents told them i was normally happy, which anyone that knows me knows i am happy. They also told them that this had happened before whilst coming off anaesthetics but not very long and not to this extent. 
well anyway this didn't stop them from naming my fitting seizures as Pseudoseizures!! I am appalled by this as if you look up what this means, they are sometimes called fake seizures that people have when they have a psychological problem or have had a history of abuse, or are doing it for attention! I can tell you that i do not think it is physically possible for me to have done it for that long and unconscious, also i have no psychological condition nor a history of abuse and I also cannot believe that the fits before had not been recorded from previous coming out of anaesthetics before.
Anyway on with my experience, they wanted to sedate me to be able to get me to go to sleep but my parents didn't think this was the greatest idea as it might have started something else which was really unnecessary since i was showing signs of improvement.  
Coming out of the anaesthetics and being to regain consciousness going in and out, my parents said i would be talking then next minute id be gone again, It is just weird being able to hear and not be able to move, then when i was more conscious and fitting less and less and able to move and talk i was recovering quite quickly....I was soooo tired at around 12/1 in the morning i was moved to HDU (high dependency unit) once i was moved and wriggled onto the bed i was off to the land of nod.
The next day i felt like i had the biggest of all hangovers, my whole body just wanted to be asleep and was achy due to the intense workout from the day before, i couldn't open my eyes properly but the Sister that was looking after me was great, she got me special ordered fruit from the restaurant when i told her i couldn't have dairy, wheat or gluten. I was given mixed grapes and a pot of mixed pineapple, apples, melons and grapes. I ate the one pot and i felt a little more awake. 
The nurse took the catheter out because it was hurting and there was no need for it anyway, I needed the toilet shortly after and i felt extremely dizzy, so a  nurse helped me, actually urinating was very hard and enormously painful, the second and third times were just as painful but a little easier to release but i had to push for the last 100ml or so the Sister gave me paracetamol to take. 
I slept for most of the day, When dinner came it was a massive plate of jacket potato and baked beans, and a jelly for dessert. I didn't have the heart to say i didn't eat white potato or baked beans and i was so unbelievably hungry all of a sudden. So i gobbled that down the lot and got a huge surge of energy and was talking to the Sister quite well and the dizziness was to a minimum too.
 I then fell asleep again before waking up to be sick, who knows if this was the fault of the anaesthetic or the food, my energy went down and i felt awful again and fell back to sleep.
My parents came to get me at 2 and i just wanted to go home to sleep, it was very hard to stay awake to get dressed and hard to concentrate with quite a few things happening at once. I tried to walk but i was feeling very dizzy so a porter took me to the car and was surprised i was allowed to go home.    
At home i slept like a baby, really i did! well apart from being woken every hour to drink, to make sure i was hydrated. I slept forever it seemed, But little by little my ability to stay awake has become more, I still have a problem with concentration when a lot of things are going on, slight pains in my head and still a lot of pain when i urinate but this is now the fifth day after my operation and i think im recovering pretty well considering.
I am now waiting on a follow-up with the urologist and Neurologist.

But that is my experience and I hope yours is much easier, If you want to share your experience with me email me or leave a comment.

All The Best 
       x x x        

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