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Friday, 30 August 2013

Motivation & Positivity Questionnaire....Get involved! x x x

Motivation & Positivity Questionnaire

Two weeks ago I was in quite a lot of pain from my cystoscopy as quite a few of you read and probably know already, well i was still trying to sort out my recipes and thought i'd stop and see how the rest of the world was getting on... I found whilst looking there was alot of negativity and people putting other people down and this was meant to be humourous?! also I found alot of help forums and support groups not very up-lifting nor did they look on the bright side. 

Until I came across a blog that was uplifting and gave me motivation again:

So after this ladies inspiration, I decided to put together a questionnaire and asked various people with Endometriosis / IBS / Fibromyalgia Etc.. for their answers, to boost motivation and positivity and to look at what problems they have from a different angle, and hopefully help themselves and other people deal with their problems differently and also I hope this questionnaire will promote happiness and inspire everyone too. 

I am going to start posting the answers / photos and inspired recipes soon... 

If you would like to be involved, All you have to do is email the answers to the following questions to:

*What keeps you motivated?

*Can you give me one positive thing/thought that having endo/fibro/IBS..etc has given you?

*what is your go to thing that will make you  instantly happy every single time you do/go to/have/are with it?

*If you could give advise/motivation to a fellow endo/fibro/IBS..etc sister what would it be?

*One thing/person that is inspirational to you and why?

*What is your favourite excersize to do that you find eases your endo/fibro/IBS..etc pain?

*And finally have you a favourite endo friendly recipe you'd like to share that makes you feel great?

Your name: (whatever you want to be known as)
Your websites: twitter/fb/website

(Optional) Please send a photo of you, smiley/crazy/normal/funny, Your pet, Your inspiration ....  Anything I don't mind, which ever you wish

Thank You for your help to keep everyone happy and motivated

x x x


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