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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Special Welcome to our New Yoga Experience Blogger! Amanda Small

Welcome: Amanda Small

Amanda Small is going to take us on her journey with the ups and downs of Endometriosis and Exercise mainly Hot Yoga which is her favourite, She will be writing here every month! So you can find out what she gets up to and what knots she can get into...

First Chapter: An Intro Into Yoga!
Yoga has changed my life, and it can change yours too!

I  have suffered with symptoms of endo since I was 19 where I first spent 4 days in hospital with what was considered to be IBS. Little did I know then that I would continue to suffer and not be diagnosed until I was 32. Once I knew what was wrong, then the heavy research began. I spent most my time educating the doctors about the disease as they seemed to not know much about our condition at all. I tried their way, with meds that sent me round the twist. I had no quality of life. Then I came across the lovely Josephine Eliza's website, I merely stumbled across it, and boy am I glad. 

The endo diet has changed things for me completely. I am practically medication free now. I have a little way to go as I have to come off fluoxetine due to bad pms, but apart from a bit of codine/paracetomal mix that I have on the first day of my period, that's it! 
I also have yoga to thank as well as the diet. This time 6 months ago, I was a shell of a person, walking flesh and bone with no spirit or sole. Merely existing. The pain was so bad that most days I would be in tears. My boyfriend has been my rock but it was getting tiring for us both. I had to do something about it, for both of us. I Had addressed my diet, but something was missing. 

 A friend of mine recommended I did yoga, but I really didn't think I would be up to it. I had to give up the gym a year previous due to severe pain whilst working out. The  pain got so bad at times that it made me vomit. At the time I didn't know what it was, and that's where I started the long winded process of trying to find out what was up with me. I knew it wasn't normal...anyway, I digress....So, I thought what have I got to loose, I can only try Yoga, and see.

I fell in love with yoga!
It's one of the best things I could have started. I started at my own pace even though the group had various levels, its not pretentious, there's no pressure to keep up so you can work at your own pace, in fact you're encouraged not to over assert yourself and just relax and breath into it! Perfect, exercise that is good for the mind and body, enjoyable and feels better than taking a nap! I was buzzing from my first session and could not wait to go back. 

I have only been practicing yoga a few months. Initially I had absolutely no balance or core strength. I was in pain most days, particularly pelvic and leg pain. Since the first day I started yoga, the pelvis and leg pain decreased until...zilch! Zero! 0! No pain at all, well apart from a day or 2 on my period. 
I feel so amazing. My mood is better, I feel energized, I sleep brilliantly now (I was the insomnia queen), I'm far more flexible not to mention being able to have a normal sex life again. 
Yoga can be practiced by anyone, of any age, fitness levels or ability. Even engaging in Yoga breathing and relaxation poses is going to have an effect and is a great place to start. You don't have to go to classes either (although it can help to have someone put you right). When I'm not feeling like trekking out, or I've had a busy day, I practice with a DVD. There's some great ones out there. 
I'm not wanting to portray I'm some yoga expert/guru, I just want everyone to feel the benefits yoga can give ...and believe me, the benefits are endless.
I have made a promised to Josphine and now also to all of you, that I will take you through my yoga journey, highs, and lows, if any, so you can all see how I come along. 

The Bow - Great for digestion and helps with bowel disorders such as constipation

The Plough & Shoulder Stand -  one of the most important asanas in classical yoga. Stimulating and regulating the thyroid & parathyroid glands. Regulates menstrual cycle as well as helping with healthy blood flow through the neck & chest, curing respiratory ailments as well as preventing colds & sinus problems. Daily practice cleanses the bowels & eliminates toxins.

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