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Friday, 12 October 2012

The breast clinic

The breast invasion

Just over a month ago now i had my laparoscopy 
and recently i had a letter through the door about visiting the Breast Clinic
because the lumps i had before have become more and more painful over time.

Yesterday i had the appointment for the clinic and was really quite scared because last time I went i had no idea at all that i was going to have a biopsy done and it was quite a suprise.
This time i set myself up for it and just hoped it wasn't the case, I saw the consultant and it just so happened to be the same Dr i saw last time and he was very pleasant like before, and did not make me feel like an idiot like other Dr's.
I had my breast examination and he drew little circles around the areas he could feel the lumps, then i was told to get dress and wait with my gown in the waiting room....
I was very very nervous but i was called to have the ultra sound rather quickly, the ladies examined me and found 3 lumps on the one breast and a couple on the other, They told me they would try and track down my images because last time i had it done 7 years ago they have moved forward to digital images now, she told me that they woud compare the images ad decide from there what to do.
I was put in a spare room on my own for what seemed like a life time, random people popping their heads in saying 'oops sorry' and that was pretty much it for half an hour. 
I was finally called up and into the room where the nurse was preparing the needles.
I assumed i was having the procedure and it was soon apparent when they asked me to lay down again, they wanted to do it again just to make sure.
I had the anaethetic which stung, i winced and the nurse clung onto me, and it was actually very comforting, the Dr asked me if i could feel the needle and i could'nt but i could feel the pressure and it was uncomfortable, when she reached the point she liked, the nurse pulled my skin taut, put the saftey catch on and said 'ready' 'fire'. You really can feel it shoot into you, It shook me. This happend three more times, twice on each side.
I got dressed and waited for the consultant to come and see me once more, I was shakey, boiling hot and very breathy. 
The Consultant said that the one lump had grown from last time and the other had shrunk.
When i left the room the nurses stopped talking and parted like they'd seen as ghost it was quite strange then to see my dads face as i walked out worried me, but i was too much of a shaking mess, I suddenly felt sick and walked slowly to the car. 
My dad then told me that i looked really bad coming out.
But i think it was just the adreneline and the shock, I do not deal well with anaesthetics.

Today i still feel sick and my breasts are a bit sore but it isn't too bad and there doesn't seem to be any bruising, both my breasts turned black last time.
They are still bleeding so i have peeled the dressing away to get some air to the area and hopefully that helps.

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