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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Do Something Every Day That Scares You!!!....YES PLEASE!

I am not used to doing things that are outside my comfort zone at all, well i mean, not anymore that is!. Or at least not without someone i feel close to.THAT is going to change!! A lot of things have happened that a lot of my readers will know about already. (look on the right column for my history reading)
 I feel that since challenging myself and promising to make myself better through diet and succeeding!!
 I now feel I need to take the next step.... so that brings me to the sign above that i came across randomly online it is a quote said by Eleanor Roosevelt;

" Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You  "
By Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought "YES" this is what i need to do, I need to push myself further! I need to get out there and get myself back, get my life back!, I felt ashamed thinking that I haven't done anything without anyone being there at the end, nothing alone, except for the normal every day things for nearly 4 years....I was shocked too, 4 Years of my life, wow. 

Its amazing how Endometriosis, or any illness that traps you for that matter, restricts you and turns you into a scared little hermit that pushes everyone away, because... well i have a couple of ideas why it might be, maybe its being ashamed that you have no idea what is going on with your body, that you cant control it for yourself anymore, that no one understands it either, your constantly made to feel like your to blame for your pain and feel like a hypochondriac nearly 100% of the time, you feel lost, you feel that your life is vanishing and everyone that was once apart of that, you feel like a prisoner in your own body, you now have no confidence and have become the insecure needy one, the pain is now your best friend that you cant get rid of no matter how hard you try....the list goes on. 

Anyway bringing it back to the quote.... I was reading Womens Health and came across an advert to apply to an event in London on the 21st September for Always Infinity Pads to take part in Barrecore & Anti-Gravity Yoga, What a better start to 'do something that scares me' than an event on my own! all alone!, to be honest this scared me to the core and i nearly bottled it a million times over! 

Always Infinity Normal Plus sanitary pads with wingsI heard back with an email stating that all the places had been filled and my heart sank a bit but i also felt a little relieved that i didn't have to scare myself by doing something new and alone. (what a chicken)

A week later, I was getting excited about starting exercising and getting toned, going on long walks and challenging myself further and further to get out there. Then I get an email inviting me onto the event as a space had opened up! WOOHOO, I was super excited! I arranged transport with megabus....(WHY??! I should have learnt from my university days) 

My Sample never came so i didn't get to sample the product before going to the event, actually I never did get to sample the product! how bizarre.  

As I mentioned my Endometriosis pain is so much better from where it was in 2010, allowing me to venture into the future with my head high, its taken quite some time to get to this place, being able to read your body is very very important, knowing your limits and what effects your body takes time and a lot of trial and error.

Now there is another thing that i need to work on, my fitness! I am what you could call a dabbler when it comes to exercising, No matter how much warming up i do my recovery is a little snail like, I tend to jump into everything whole body first and push too far too soon, think its to do with everyone telling me to take it easy. So I will share with you my ventures of the great out doors and new mini adventures too so you too can embark on them with me. 

I hope you enjoy them and can get out too with the help of the endometriosis diet HERE, and the many recipes I have created to help you get going.

You WILL get there, Don't give up!
I love you all thank you for all your support!!

x x x

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