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Friday, 20 September 2013

Motivation & Positivity Questionnaire Answers Features: Jenny Statham x Plus Recipes x

Motivation & Positivity Questionnaire Answers Features: Jenny Statham

Recipe inspired by Jenny's Answers Below:
Vegan Non soya Hazelnut Caramel Latte

*What keeps you motivated? (To do exercise or the diet)
the thought of not letting something beat me. i admit it is hard especially when you feel really hormonal and emotional but now i know that exercise and diet (no milk) works for me, i try extra hard to keep going. i have always been interested in fitness and i feel like while ever it helps me i will try to keep going! The no milk thing has been fairly easy - i substitute for Soya ( i know this does not work for everyone) I also limit my wheat intake - i have not been able to cut it out completely yet! 

*Can you give me one positive thing/thought that having endo has taught you that you didn't do before?
it has taught me that you are stronger than you think. even at your lowest point there is always some one worse off than yourself and you should be grateful for what you do have. i am so thankful every time i wake up after an op, even though i am in pain - at least you have woken up. Women are fighters.

*what is your go to thing that will make you instantly happy every single time you do/go to/have/are with it? 
a hot water bottle! and of course having a cup of tea (soya milk style!) 

*If you could give advise/motivation to a fellow endo sister what would it be?
Let endo define you - as a fighter not a victim.

Be the lawyer who has endo - not the endo sufferer who is a lawyer 
*One thing/person that is inspirational to you and why? 
All my endo sisters are a constant inspiration to me - some are further along this journey and others just starting but knowing what they are going through is an inspiration. 
(I will also say Beyonce! as she is my hero! she defines strength in women and belief in being yourself . )

*What is your favourite exercise to do that you find eases your endo pain? 
depending on how bad my pain is - normally i like body combat ( it helps relive a lot of stress and anger and also makes you feel strong) for that 1 hour you are a fighter. 

if my pain is bad i like yoga - this can help muscle spasms relax

i also like dancing just because it is fun and makes me feel "normal" 

*And finally have you a favourite endo friendly recipe you'd like to share that makes you feel great? 
i haven't tried any food recipes but i do like a Hazelnut Soya Latte :) 

Your name: (whatever you want to be known as) Jenny Statham
Your websites: twitter/fb/website @jenjenxxx2013

Recipe inspired by Jenny's Answers
Vegan Non-Soya Non-Caffeine Hazelnut Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Endometriosis Safe

100ml Hazelnut Milk
2  heaped Tsp Prewetts Organic Instant Chicory Coffee
3 Tsp hot water
1 Tin Coconut Milk (Refrigerated over night) 
Squirt of Caramel or Agave
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
Makes: 2

If you want caramel then your can make it here: Caramel  For sauce add some coconut milk to the caramel and heat it gentle and stir. 

Now separate the cream from the top of your refrigerated tin of coconut milk into a bowl.

  Next pour the milk and hazelnut milk into a sauce pan and heat on a medium heat until hot.

 If you like your latte sweet then add a squirt of agave nectar to the milk before putting it in your blender.

Pour the heated milk into your blender and whizz for 10 seconds.

Pour 3/4 of the milk and place the foam on top until its nearly to the top.

Tap the glass on the side to burst the bubbles to make the foam thicker.

Mix together your chicory and hot water into a measuring jug or pouring jug.

Pour your chicory coffee on top of your foam. 

now squirt either your agave nectar or caramel and sprinkle with cinnamon.

(For Squirting your caramel: take a freezer bag pour your caramel sauce into the bag and cut a little hole in one of the sides at the bottom. just like a pipping bag... Alternatively you can just scoop up a spoon full of sauce and drizzle the sauce on top.)

Yummy! just what you need in autumn.

x x x

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