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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Update could i possibly have a better GP? and sigmoidoscopy hell

I really wanted to say about my GP 

Since my 2nd Lap I thought I was getting much better, so much better that I thought i would be able to live a normal life and get back to everything I even one day I had 5 mins where I was so happy I was running literally running from one end of the living room to the other I was extatic actually that maybe an understatement and my partner was so happy too ...

A week later I had a sigmoidoscopy it lasted 6 minutes and they could only do half of my bowel due to the amount of pain i was in, everytime they put air into my bowel it would get more painful, I had to stop it, I  wasn't offered sedation even after i told them about my pain and adhesions. So the outcome is i have a tender bowels with yet again IBS ARGH!!!
This is how far they got on me before the pain got too much!

well anyway since then my pain has been full on first of all i went to the Drs because since my first lap i was getting sharp pains in my right vein with stiff neck and shoulders, occasionally the side of my face would feel like its drooping and feel like ive been slapped hard or very sun burnt, also numbing down my right arm. the Dr (not the GP im referring to above) perscribed co-codymol.
Well that didn't work all it did was 1/2 tablet makes me very restless and conk out asleep quickly.

So I went to the Dr's to the GP I mention above with a million questions I was so anxious and stressed about going I just didn't want another wishy washy IBS notition I was thinking this was because another Dr said to me quite straight on the phone "alot of women work with this disease" I wasn't very happy with that remark, but anyway my GP answered every question  had listening intently and with sympathy i felt so relaxed and happy with her reaction. She sent me for bloods to be done said she'd write a letter, perscribed me different meds and also told me to write a pain diary to see if i will need to see the neurologist and to come back in 2 weeks.
I just wanted to write this post to show people that not all GP's and Drs are horrible. 
I'm so thankful.

have you got a great GP? Do you find Dr's have lost their bedside manner?

x x x  

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