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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Laparoscopy take 2

Thank goodness it was better than last time

As many of you know my first laparoscopy was an utter nightmare You can see it here 

Right so first two nights before i took my picolax click here to see how that went.
now that my bowels were completely empty and i had stopped having dia, I didn't eat anything the day before so there was no chance of having dia or anything going through my bowels at all.

7.30am came and I was in the hospital, I was so nervous but also quite calm at the same time.
There were others waiting too for other operations and others being sent home because they couldnt have it done, I really didn't want this to happen to me. Me and my dad sat for what seemed like ages before getting called through for my allergy red band and also my name tag and various other routine questions.
Next I had a chat with the anaesthetist which didn't do a very good job of calming my nerves about the pain, I told her i could not have mophine derivitives and like always when i told her it makes the pain worse they look at me like im daft, so they were ruled out I also told her that the pain relief i had at the last operation was awful and made the pain worse and when i was off it i was better.
She told me that we were down to the bare minimum that she could give me whilst i was under and that i was going to be in alot of pain when i came round and that basically i would make her feel like she wasn't doing her job if i came round like that. she said she could give me paracetamol and something else that i cannot remember now and I said yes just that i don't want to be like i was before, she wasn't happy at all with my decision and stomped away after saying you do realise you are going to be in ALOT of pain don't you. I bravely (but so scared inside) said yes.

I waited again with noone coming to see me or giving me a robe or socks just being ignored on the side and my dad waiting outside so i wandered off and sat with him outside the room to calm my nerves, I was fully dressed coat and all, then the nurse moved me to where my bed was and left us again, me fully dressed.
When the team came to fetch me and where suprised when they saw i wasn't ready I had to get ready quickly and shuffle onto the trolley, I had just come on my period too (NICE TIMING AGAIN!)
On the trolley i was taken across to a waiting room where my gaeny sugeon came to see me because i had asked be put out before going into theatre this time because that was awful!. They took me to another little room before the theatre held my hand and smoothed me hair trying to get the IV in my arm.
Finally i was out.....

When i woke up amazingly i was very much drugged up but i wasn't screaming in agony or fitting!! I mean i was in pain and very uncomfortable but i could deal with it on the paracetamol and anaethetic they had given me. I was over the moon in my little drugged up state.

The first day and night in hospital i didn't eat anything and was on a drip and going to the loo in a bed pan...akwardly and painfully.
I was in a lot of pain as the aneathetic started to wear off a bit on the second day, i asked for the bed pan again but the  nurses said no we will walk...OMG it hurt like hell i cried all the way there and all the way back doubled in pain with the nurses telling me to stand up straight NO WAY!!

I remained on and off sleeping all day with a huge pain in my vein on the right side of my head, I had a eye mask so i put that on and it helped a little with it.

The third day was even worse but managed the toilet through-out the night, I couldn't because of heavy snorers and a lady that found she really wanted to wash her tupperware at 3 in the morning WHAT??
I felt more alive though and the nurse told me i cant just stay in bed i need to get up (surely a day is not enough bed rest for extensive surgery and on minimum pain killers??) anyway i was fed up with them thinking i was supposed to get out of bed that when my parents came i said i want to go for a walk and not just back and forth to the loo's. So off we went down the corridor with me bent over in agonising pain but i was determined and fed up! 
we got in the lifts and we walked a really long corridor to the cafe, I was exhausted and in agony but glad i made it, we sat there for a while and when i was falling asleep we decided it was time to go back, but there was a problem i couldn't get back my body was a wreck so i was stuck in the cafe whilst my mum went to get a wheel chair.
My mum told me that when she went upstairs and told the nurse that someone had told her she needed to walk more and get out of bed so she decided to go down the cafe, the nurse went red and said "I told her that but i didnt mean that far!! i ment around her bed" 
They didn't have any wheel chairs instead they had a steady which is a plastic wheely standing up aid so you hold on to the front pull yourself up (so contracting all the parts that are hurting from the op!) and once your standing they close the paddles behind you so you dont fall and you rest your bottom on it, it was not only painful and horrible but utterly embarrasing aswel! infront of all those people and crying too! it was awful. I asked to go home and the Dr came and said she wanted me to stay and maybe go home tomorrow.
I was exhausted and in agony i went straight off to sleep thank goodness!
My tiny belly button it was nearly non existent but its back now  

Forth day i was in more agony the aneathetic had completely worn off all i wanted to do was sleep it off but i was woken up by the nurse at 7.30 to say i will probably have to go wait in the dispatch lounge because they need the bed for another patient, but you can stay there until we do, UMMM???! drugged, agony and exhausted i said my parents are in work and there is noway i can get home. Dont worry someone will help you with your stuff and im sorry but youll have to wait there but like i said you can stay here for the time being...., she disappeared and i was confused as to how i was going to stay in a discharge lounge for 9 hours! i could just about sit up! I phoned my dad and mum in tears there was nothing they could do. So all day i was so nervous and stressed but it turned out 2 people from out ward went home and they didnt need my bed urgently after all but i found that out an hour before i went home at 5.

At Home it was so amazingly comfortable and i did feel better just for being there i was in alot of pain  and then found myself better for a week of christmas it was lovely i wasnt completely away from pain but i could get out even in the pain i was in it was fantastic.

Now i am not so great but ill save that for explaining on another post

hope you are all feeling better and this snow is taking your mind off everything
love you lots Endosisters 

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Operation Notes:
Laparoscopic adhesiolysis + excision of edometriotic nodule + Rt ureterolysis + Rt pelvic side wall peritoneal stripping. - normal upper abdomen with previously known adhesions. Normal uterus + ovaries + tubes. Moderate sigmoid ahesions to left adnexum. 2 superficial endomertiotic nodules on the right ovarian fossa with abnormal looking peritonium. Coecal adhesions to RIF + side. superficial endometriosis on UVP. Clear POD. - Umbilical entry after negitive palmers test on the 4th trial and 25 mmhg of co2 til all ports inserted under vision. Right ovary temporarely suspended to expose the adnexum, coecal adhesions divided. ComBi bipolr diathermy used for Rt ureterolysis + stripping + excision of nodules. Haemostasis secured. Left adnexal adhesions divided. ADEPT i L to pelvis. Instruments and gas released under vision. Marcain + vicryl rapide 3/0 to skin,

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