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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Endometriosis Shopping List - Day 9: Hidden Identities - Dairy

Confusion in the Supermarket!
Endometriosis Diet exclusion foods with multiple names!

If you are just starting out then shopping in a supermarket can be a whirl-wind and you think it would be easy enough to look at the label and its going to have the words dairy or lactose in the label, right? 
Wrong! The food producers make it quite hard for us to shop since many say "may have been handled in a factory with gluten products" to cover themselves, Where as the 'free from' isles have various symbols to show if they are:

Why can't all food have signs like these? Because there are things that don't look like they would have dairy in them but they do like, Who in their right minds puts dairy in CHICKEN!! and alot of medicine has lactose in them because it is a binder so could be making you worse rather than better!
Where are the warnings? Nowhere!

So in today's Shopping list I want to give you a list with all the different names they have for same thing, to help you shop. I'm going to start with Dairy:

First off different names of:
  • Beta-lactoglobulin
  • Casein
  • Ammonium Caseinate
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Magnesium Caseinate
  • Potassium Caseinate
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Iron Caseinate
  • Zinc Caseinate.
  • Delactosed 
  • Deminerlized whey
  • Hydrolyzed casein
  • Hydrolyzed Milk Protein
  • Casein Hydrolysate
  • Milk Protein Hydrolysate
  • Protein Hydrolysate
  • Whey Hydrolysate
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate.
  • Lactalbumin
  • Lactate Solids
  • Lactyc Yeast
  • Lactitol Monohydrate
  • Lactulose
  • Lactalbumin Phoshate
  • Lactose
  • Lactoferrin
  • Lactoglobulin
  • Beta-Lactoglobulin
  • Casein, Rennet Casein
  • Caseinate: 
  • Whey & Whey Protein Concentrate

Contain Milk
  • Artificial butter
  • Artificial butter flavour
  •  Butter, Butter exract
  •  Butter fat
  •  Butter flavored Oil
  •  Butter solids
  •  Dairy butter
  •  Natural butter
  •  Natural butter flavour
  •  Whipped butter.
  • Cheese
  • Cream, Whipped Cream
  • Custard
  • Dairy Product Solids
  • Galactose
  • Ghee
  • Acidophilus Milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Buttermilk Blend 
  • Buttermilk Soilds
  • Cultured Milk
  • Condensed Milk
  • Dried Milk
  • Dry Milk Solids (DMS)
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Fat-Free Milk
  • Fully Cream Milk Powder
  • Goats Milk
  • Lactaid Milk
  • Lactose-Free Milk
  • Low fat Milk
  • Malted Milk
  • Milk Derivative
  • Milk Powder
  • Sheep's Milk
  • Skim Milk
  • Sour Milk
  • Sweet Milk
  • Acid Whey
  • Cured Whey 
  • Delactosed Whey 
  • Demineralized Whey  
  • Hydrolyzed Whey 
  • Powered Whey 
  • Reduced Mineral Whey 
  • Sweet Dairy Whey 
  • Whey 
  • Whey Protein
  • Whey Protein Concentrate 
  • Whey Power 
  • Whey Solids
  • Yogurt: Frozen or Natural  

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