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Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Jungle Animals


I am creating a series of Jungle Animals in a range of scenes. I am quite enjoying getting back into art since I have kind of given up, apart from the occassional wedding present I have designed.
Nothing much has been down on paper, until the other day when i wanted to draw elephants just randomly 
so i did, and now my mind is running wild (literally) with ideas.....I cannot wait to start my next one!!
Here are a few I have finished so far, others have yet to be finished but will be coming soon....
I just had to put the before the hair drawing its quite freaky and halloween-like
  Looks like He's Saying 'UUUUURRRRRGGGGHHHH' 
 Here He is finished...I like him now. i don't know whether hes called:
 'It was this BIG' or 'I want a cwtch'

This  one i drew with a heavier graphite pencil you can't see all the details but you can sort of make it out, 
This one i've called 'My daddy loves me...and i love him'

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