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Tuesday, 3 July 2012



Soya beans also known as Edamame.

 For the last week I have been experimenting with different ingredients as all you readers that are viewing my blogs know, I have been eating quite a lot of soya in the form of yoghurt, butter, beans, milk and flour thinking that it was a good alternative for the ingredients now banned from my edible list.

My symptoms have become steadily worse and i have been in quite a lot of pain and my abdomen has been awful, and i put it down to me just changing my diet quickly and it would need time to get used to it.
But to my annoyance and dissapointment because to be honest i was forming a love for the little beans they are delicious, It does seem that everything that i have loved through-out my life in food has slowly been taken away from me.

Here is what i have found and now heard from different people.

as you know Endometriosis sufferers get pain when they have anything that contains oestrogen because this stimulates the growth of the endometriosis so illimintating eggs, tofu, chickpeas etc. So with saying this, this is what i have found:

The Gaurdian
" For those who suffer a strong allergic reaction to cow's milk or follow a vegan diet, soya milk has always been an important option. But others drink it as a less fattening alternative to cow's milk. What they don't realise is that it also gives them an injection of a chemical that mimics oestrogen."
If you want to read the whole article click here

"Certain experts consider soya to be extremely important in managing endometriosis. Other experts assert that soya has high amounts of phytic acid (as is the case with wheat). Therefore, it ought to be avoided as the phytic acid is likely to aggravate symptoms of endometriosis"
Whole article click here
Let me know if this helps you
I am putting up news on Endometriosis as I learn about it, I only write it if it is useful information
to try and make peoples lives easier to live
so if i have tried and tested it i will blog it for you
also if you have any information that you find helps please let me know
Im trying to help so if you want have a look at my recipes 

I hope you all have a lesser painful week

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