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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Simply Beautiful Creamy Banana Splits

Simply Beautiful
Banana Split With Cream & Chocolate
Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Rice Free, Caffeine Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Refined Sugar Free, Yeast Free, Red Meat Free, Soya Free.

Per Dessert:
1 Banana
1 Handful of Frozen Blueberries (Optional Frozen)
2 Tbls Thick Coconut Milk (Refrigerated)
Shavings of Carob Chocolate (Recipe HERE add 4 tbls Carob Powder to make it brown chocolate) 
1 Banana
1 Handful of Frozen Blueberries
1 Handful of Raspberries
5 Fresh Cherries
2 Tbls Thick Coconut Milk ( Refrigerated)
Shavings of Carob Chocolate (As Above)

First to split your banana in half length ways with a knife.

Add a handful of frozen blueberries (you can freely use fresh and other fruit if you wish)

Now add your coconut milk and carob shavings.

The reason i use frozen berries is because the coconut milk with harden and become crunchy and frozen in no time at all, with runny cream underneath.

So simple and quick to make yum!

This one is just as quick, I just wanted to show you gorgeous foodie photos really!.

Just split the bananas like before.

Add frozen or fresh fruit, cream and chocolate shavings........AND EAT!

x x x

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