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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Russell & Bromley Rockafella Boots Size 5 for sale! ! keep your eyes pealed!!

I just so happen to have gotten my hands on the exact same boots that Sienna Miller wore to get these lovelies so darn famous!! I love them and I know you will too, my past sales have gone so fast that i thought i would put my blog up first and then people can keep an eye on my Ebay listings they should be up by the end of the week!!!! 

I know people have been disappointed and messaged me about having the boots before and they have already been sold sooo..... i thought with these i would give you all a chance to ooggle at them first.

Enter your email address and inbox me too if your interested in them and i will send out a link when it goes live.....or if i get a good enough offer i will let it go to them to them, so you have till the end of the week to get signing up and sending in those offers!! 

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