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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Beautiful Dresses and a trip to westfield London

I have these amazing dresses, I wore them for a meal with family and drinks with friends.
Dress: Topshop

They are so floaty and comfortable and i just love comfortable clothing, and that you can feel the quality in the fabric.
Scratchy fabric just will not do!
Skirt: Blue rinse Topshop

These were gorgeous and in nude, patent platform with faux suede shoes.
 Also we found the Highest platforms i have ever seen, but once i tried them on they didnt feel that high....but certainly could not, wear them on a night out!! all i would be able to think about would be that i couldn't feel thhe floor, the feeling always reminds me of wearing wooden clogs in Amsterdam.

I look about 12 years old!

Dress: French Connection Sequins sophia swirls

Amazing lace collar, How cute!!

Dress: Gilly Hicks 
 I introduced my friend to Gilly Hicks which i am in love with as i really love preppy clothes, I found this dress and soooo many cute skirts. I have converted her and she adored this dress as did i, it is so cute, but i didn't get it because i thought it made my hips look quite big compared to the rest of me.

Since it is so cold at the moment with the weird weather turning from hot to cold to raining,I wore my gorgeous Joules Duffle coat, I just think the silk lining and the different coloured toggles are the best! and the Hood is SO big!! i feel like i have a Jedi wrap on, the quality of Joules items are devine!! I urge anyone to have a splerge in there!

Coat: Joules Duffle
Bag: Espirit
Skirt: MButterfly
Boots: Russell & Bromley Rockafella

I also recently ventured to westfield in stratford London where the olympics 2012 is being held, exciting stuff!! is it all still very under wraps and not much can be seen.
I had a lovely time, popped into Liberty with their gorgeous scarf got some free shortbread that i got to give to my friend i was shopping with also got a lovely 4 photos in Liberty's photobooth it was great!
We spent some time in Russell & Bromley and we found an amazing red patent chain bag Stuart Weitzman Turnkey Tote, and really cute dapp shoes!! check these out!
Russell & Bromley
A classic, two-tone, quilted leather pump is the epitome of chic and you need never worry about them going out of style.
Price: £89.50
Top: Topshop
Bag: Espirit
Skirt: Blue Rinse Topshop Boutique
Shoes: Russell & Bromley navy boats

 Thank You everyone have a great weekend x x

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